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Convincing the committee that your church needs a website

September 29th, 2009

So you think your church/organsiation should have a church web site but you need some help to support the idea when you present it. Here are some important points to back you up.

Point 1: The Internet is increasingly the way that people find out information

Research shows that people are using the printed Yellow Pages less and less whilst Internet advertising and usage increases.

See http://searchengineland.com/google-trends-yellow-pages-will-be-toast-in-four-years-12256 if you doubt this.

Some have predicted that the Yellow Pages will be out of business in 4 years – I’m not so sure about that but it is certainly in decline.

Churches need to have an Internet precense to ensure that those looking for a church can find it.

Point 2: Other churches in your area already have a web site

Given todays consumer approach to church going (this is not a judgement on its merits or otherwise) people are looking for a church to attend and want information to help them make informed choices. If your church does not have a website you can be sure that other churches near you do. The information provided by these sites may encourage people to try those churches over yours. Denominational loyalties are dying out.

Point 3: 75% of Internet users are under 54


and Internet usage now equals T.V. watching according to IBM

This means that one of the most effective ways of reaching the very people that most churches want to reach is through the Internet

Point 4: The cost of having a professionally designed web site compares very favourably with other ways of promoting your church

Web site prices start at around £500* (although there are some even cheaper alternatives). A content managed website is likely to cost in the region of £2000*. Getting a brochure designed and printed is likey to cost in the region of £2000+*. Of course a website lasts for years and can reach millions whereas many church brochures sit in cupboards for years and although they are often passed around they are limited in who they can reach.

* Note that these are U.K. prices and folk from other countries will have to adjust these

Any other ideas?

Do you have any other reasons that you could add to the list? Why not leave a comment …

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