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Do we drive the web or does the web drive us?

March 19th, 2010

14493687We all like to think that we are in control of things and the web might seem an ideal way to push the world in the direction we would like the world to go – even if we can only push a little. Yet, perhaps things aren’t so easy as all that.

Compelled to say something

Have we reached a point where we feel compelled to find things to put up on the web? I know this might seem like a strange thing for a blogger to say because, of course, I’m always looking around for something new to say! But when it comes to things like twitter and facebook (or any other social networking site for that matter) do we just post up reactions to things that have happened or do we perhaps force ourselves to find things to post about.

Is life too ordinary for the web?

There is a fine line between finding things to talk about and creating experiences so we have something to post about. This is one of the things that some Psychologists are suggesting is happening. Not content with our humdrum life that we don’t have anything to say about we can end up creating experiences just so we can put something online. This isn’t outright lying but it can be dressing up something that was just a pretty normal event or even engineering events in our lives so we can say something about it.

What does this mean for Christians?

I hope I’m not confusing people here but I think this has implications for Christians. Are we guilty of doing this (you may not be aware you are doing it)? Is this a dangerous thing to do? What does this say about honesty? Can we trust what people are saying online?

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