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Festival model of evangelism

March 11th, 2010

This model uses a blend of contemporary and Christian music at a live festival to draw people into a relationship with the church and hence to Jesus. It has proved more popular with younger people – generally – although the larger secular festival scene now has a following amongst middle-aged professionals.

These events work for several reasons.

a) People feel more willing to invite their friends to a music event than to a normal church service – friends are probably also less likely to feel threatened by such an invitation.

b) Music has always been a good way of telling people about God without them getting upset about you telling them. It always amazes me that in a song you can speak about the gospel in very strong terms whereas if there is no music involved people easily get upset.

c) Festivals are good fun and people are more willing to listen when they are enjoying themselves.

d) It’s possible to present the gospel in a way that is relevant to modern people.

How does this relate to anything online and is there something we can replicate or learn from?

So far the web itself doesn’t seem to have anything that equates to a festival of music (I expect there must be something that is similar somewhere but I just don’t know about it).

There are, however, sometimes events in the offline world that are so big and important that they attract bloggers who will follow the event closely and blog about the experience – the Olympics is one event that springs to mind. These blogs then tend to attract a large number of followers who are interesting in what is going on. Perhaps this equates a little to the festival model, or perhaps I should broaden my thinking and apply it to any event online that attracts a large number of visitors.

It is quite hard to think of an online event that non-Christians would be willing to join in with that would be the equivalent of a music festival. Perhaps the only answer is for Christians to provide information about an event that people would naturally be interested in anyway and then use this as a chance to express the gospel to them.

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