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Remember that everyone who visits your site is a person

June 25th, 2009

In my youth I loved gadgets. I thought that the best T.V./Stereo/Camera/etc was the one with the most lights and if they flashed in different colours it was like going to heaven. I then learned that perhaps the best ones might be the ones with the least amount of flashy lights – after all if they need flashy lights perhaps it’s to cover up how bad they are. I now know that it has nothing to do with the lights at all – it is how good they work. There is still a bit of me that likes the flashy lights though!

One of the things it is easy to forget is that a web site is not about features it is in fact about people. I visit an awful lot of web sites (and believe me some of them are awful) and too often they seem to revolve around the gadgets. I get this a lot from customers as well who always want the latest gadget that they heard about on the T.V.

The point is that gadgets are nice but only if they help you get the message of your web site across.

A web site is about the people who will read it and not the technology. Too often gadgets and new “features” get in the way of the message itself.

Perhaps I’m just getting old but for me the importance of the Internet is not the technology that drives it but the people it connects.

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Simple designs work best

May 6th, 2009

One of the frustrations with the Internet is that it is always changing and developing. Whilst this kind of development is usually good sometimes it makes us a little lazy.
In the good old days (about 10 years ago – ancient history on the Internet) sites had to be built using the very smallest of images and the very least amount of html. As broadband becomes more and more available the stringent rules we all used to follow have become a little more relaxed. Where I once had to handcode all the html for a site I now use software and very seldom have to code a site using just html. I see this as generally a good thing.

However there is one rule that I think should always apply (and this will be forever): keep it simple.

The Internet always has been about speed. Those people who don’t mind waiting are those who are wanting to be entertained. Unless your viewers are looking for entertainment then you will have to deal with the speed issue.

From a design perspective I’ve always believed that the simple designs are the best. The design of a site is not its most important reason to exist and if your site is all design and no content people will very soon get fed up and go elsewhere. You might win an award for the way the site looks but it won’t make people use your site. You do want people to use your site don’t you?

However although I advocate simple designs I do advocate some design. The design should help people find the content. This something where an awful lot of church sites fall down.

So make sure you have a design but keep that design simple.

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