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Should Christians have their own website?

April 30th, 2009

I quite regulalry get asked by Ministers/Priests/Pastors the question of ‘should I have my own website?’, in fact I was asked this question the other day. It is always asked for best of reasons and often the person concerned feels very self-conscious about the thought of having one.

Let me paraphrase something that Jesus once said: it’s not having a website that makes someone unclean but the reasons for having one might.

A website is just a set of electronic files that others can view using the right kind of hardware/software it is not good or bad. However what the website promotes or says is a very different matter – this is always down to the person who runs the site and not the technology that drives it.

If you want a website because you want everyone to see how great you are then this is a bad reason to have a website. If you want a website because you have a message burning in your heart that you belive God wants you to get to as many people as possible then this is a good reason for a website.

However one thing that people often misunderstand about websites is how many people can/want to see them. Just because you have a website it doesn’t mean everyone in the world will see it or even want to see it.

It is quite possible to have a website that is linked to nothing and that is blocked from prying search engines. Or you could have a site (with say your sermons on) that is accessible only through one link on a church website and which is blocked from search engines.

So I think every church should have a website and every minister should as well. This allows you to get the message God gives you across without it being tied to a particular church or organization. I believe God calls ministers as people to the whole church and not just a local congregation – if you have a different view to God’s calling then you will probably reach a different conclusion.

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