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Should Christian websites have links pages?

October 30th, 2009

I’ve seen a move away from links pages over the years. One time it was pretty rare to find a website without some kind of links page but now it seems to be getting more rare to find one that has. I think the business world has traditionally frowned on them because they can take people away from a business to other businesses. Then also the search engines seemed to get it in their heads that loads of links away from a website showed that the website was not so important.

I never quite got that argument and I fear it may just be something made up somewhere on the Internet that became true without any real basis. Of course I do know that some folks tried to cheat the system by building sites that did nothing but list lots of links that were of a reciprocal nature. This would boost the links site to the top of the search engines. So search engines found ways around the system by being suspicious of reciprocal links.

Then there is the age old problem that if others find out you have a links page you might get spammers trying you to get to link to them. All this meant that fewer sites wanted to bother with links pages. However the Internet is all about links. The great benefit of the way the Internet works is because you can follow links to gain the information you want.

The main source of finding information should not be through search engines but through links on important sites. Google understands this and is on a quest to find ways of boosting authority sites to the top of their rankings (then the rest of us spend our time trying to work out what Google means by an authority website so we can get a top ranking).

So I come to the point of my post.

Christian websites can help promote the Christian faith through their links pages. So Christian sites should have links pages and they should actively seek sites that they can add.

By linking Christian sites we both provide a way for people to find the sites we link to and we boost the search engine ranking of the site we link to. Of course it works best if you are an authority site yourself and you provide a one way link (e.g. not reciprocal) to the site. Reciprocal links tend to cancel each other out by all accounts.

Then when people search for issues relevant to Christianity it is the Christian stuff that will come out on top. I’m not advocating trying to trick the system but just that this is a way of doing mission online. However please try to ensure that you link to quality sites and not just any old site just because it is Christian.

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