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Where do people find out about Christianity?

February 17th, 2010

I was listening to a TV programme the other day about Islamic terrorism and it focussed in on the Internet and how it was used to radicalize young Muslims. I was struck by a comment made by one of the young men. It ran along the lines of saying that his parents would never talk about their faith with him and so where else was he going to go for information?

I was struck by this because it seems to me that Christians are in the same boat here. Parents often find it difficult to talk about Christianity with their children and so children will increasingly look for information about Jesus on the Internet.

I guess we should learn:

  1. that children want to know – they want to know about all kinds of stuff
  2. that children will increasingly turn to the Internet for answers
  3. that parents often don’t know themselves (this is either through ignorance or not wanting to know)
  4. that people of any faith need to wake up to the fact that this is happening – that the prime sources for young people learning about something is from the Internet and if the Internet is full of bad stuff then this is what they will believe
  5. that we should encourage Christian young people in their Internet use (they often discover new sites through friends and so the more Christian friends know about good sites the better) – not discourage them

It’s time to get on the Internet!

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Pray for the Internet

February 1st, 2010

9953929Do you ever pray for the Internet? Is this important area something that ever finds its way on to any prayer list? My experience is that it doesn’t – at least not in any church service I’ve ever been to (of course there are an awful lot of services I don’t get to so perhaps someone has prayed for it somewhere).

Here is a list of things you could pray about some time connected with the Internet:

  • People who use it every day – that God would use the Internet to bring them closer to God.
  • People who use the Internet to feed their addictions – that God would release them from the addiction and heal them.
  • For those who are trying to help the addicted through the Internet – that God would guide them and give them wisdom.
  • Christian webmasters/webservants/etc. – that God would give them the inspiration and the gifts they need to do their jobs
  • Christian web designers and developers – that God would use their gifts for His glory
  • Governments – that they would help the Internet to grow and be a resource for all
  • Christian leaders – that they would use the Internet for God’s glory
  • Christian web sites – that they would reach out to many who are seeking
  • Those who are seeking – that they would be lead to the right web sites and find Jesus in those sites
  • Charity web sites – that they would inspire people to be generous in helping others

I’m sure you could add a few yourselves.

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