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Things people never complain about

November 4th, 2009

14493687When you start designing websites you will discover that everyone is an expert. You will even find your in-laws have read an article on web design in the local newspaper and they will be happy to tell you about their findings over dinner. Even the bloke who walks his dog past your house everyday will have some snippet of wisdom on web design to pass on to you if you ask him. Don’t ask me how everyone got to be an expert.

Of course what you will also discover is that they know squat about web design and what really happened was that they managed to put a picture up on facebook and so now consider themselves an expert.

All these experts will be complaining about your websites (of course no one ever complains about any of mine, ahem!).

However there are some things that people will never complain about and here are a few of them:

  • Your site is too easy to navigate
  • Your site is too quick to load
  • It’s too easy to find information on your site
  • Your design doesn’t get in the way of the content enough
  • You don’t have enough flashing images on your site
  • I was hoping I would have to download the latest plugin to view your site.
  • Your contact details were too easy to find
  • I really miss that revolving globe/flying dove/3d cross/etc you used to have on your site

So to avoid complaints take note from these compliments that you will never receive.

What other complaints do you think no one is ever going to make?

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