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Christmas on your web site

December 15th, 2009

If you run a church web site then one of the important things to do is to get the Christmas information up on it. The problem then, though, is how do you get the information up early enough so it will get listed by the search engines? Here are some of my tips:

1. Leave the page on the site all the time.

It is tempting to think that Christmas is over and so we want to get rid of the Christmas web page. I suggest that instead of removing it you simply change it to reflect the fact that we are between Christmas at the moment. So have a Christmas page that is obviously about Christmas but take off the old details. This will encourage the search engines (who to be honest don’t care if it’s Christmas or not) to index the page.

2. Get some good keywords on the Christmas page.

Include things like your location (town or city) on the page and headings for what kinds of things you do over Christmas. Good keywords might include: carols, children’s party, party, crib service, carol service, etc.

3. Update the page

As soon as we start getting closer to Christmas start to change the content of the page. There don’t need to be big changes but just make some changes. Search engines like pages that change and so if your’s is then it will help.

Christmas is arguably the biggest event available to churches to encourage people to think about the Christian faith. Although we might think easter is more important when it comes to Christmas we have a brilliant opportunity to tell people about Jesus.

If any business in the world had their product being talked about in the way that Christians do at Christmas they would throw everything they have at it. Why do we do any less?

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