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Scare your visitors

October 16th, 2009

Once again I came across a well meaning Christian on the Internet who wanted to give both gospel barrels on a web site. This time it was a forum about a celebrity and they wanted that celebrity to get the gospel. Please don’t do this – the double barrel bit and not the gospel bit.

I want to see the gospel everywhere but there are ways of doing it that don’t make Christians sound like a bunch of wierdos who hate everyone. I’m sure the well meaning person didn’t intend to sound like they were a raving lunatic but that is how it came across (with the shouting capitals as well) and reading the comments that followed the outburst on the forum was downright painful.

When you put something up on the Internet you represent Christ himself. Would Jesus really talk like this to someone who was searching for answers? I don’t think so.

So sensitivity and love are key when posting anything on the Internet to do with Jesus Christ. I’m not suggesting watering anything down but remember it’s not what you think you say its what the person believes you wrote that counts. You may have meant the capitals to be a plea to a loved one but they come across as a shout at everyone.

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