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Mystery meat navigation

October 27th, 2009

Mystery meat navigation is so called because you have to hover over it or click it to find out what it does. You see this kind of navigation a great deal in many “cutting edge” websites. Presumably “cutting edge” means sites that you can’t use.

15614272It’s called “mystery meat” as a tribute to old school meals where there was a meat dish that you have to eat to try and work out what the meat was (often unsuccessfully).

Navigation in a web site should be obvious. The last thing anyone wants is to have to learn how to use a website whilse they are trying to get information. It should be as obvious as possible as to where to find what people are looking for.

On a similar note – and I’m just forgetful enough to say this kind of thing again some time – don’t try and reinvent the names for buttons.

I’ve seen buttons with names like: “connect with us” and “talk to us” or even “network” when what they really meant was “Contact us”. Don’t make people search for things – make it obvious. It may be boring for you but web users will love your site if its easy to use.

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