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Another free web editor

February 3rd, 2010

I came across another free web editor today. It looks quite good although I haven’t tried it yet. It’s called PageBreeze and can be found at:


iphone apps for Christian evangelists

November 3rd, 2009

Came across this blog post the other day. It’s a little off subject but with many people using phones to browse the web these days I thought it might be interesting for some of my readers. I don’t own an iphone myself, preferring a hand held computer, but I have used a few of these apps on my handheld and can confirm that they are quite useful. I think the best tool to have on any hand held computer/phone/etc is a bible. It’s really useful when you find yourself waiting somewhere.

Anyway here is the link:


Using Moodle for ministry

September 23rd, 2009

14493687I’m really interested in exploring how e-learning can be used to put across the Christian message. There are many sites that seek to create promote alternative views of Jesus and Christianity and I don’t believe the church has responded well to these attacks (with a few website exceptions).

Because Christianity claims to be a reasonable and historical faith it must be prepared to defend its position and it seems to me that one of the important ways it does this is through education.

Anyway back to my point of the post – moodle. For those of you who don’t know moodle is a learning management system ( This means that it is a system for enabling learning over the Internet. It provides ways of bringing information together as well as activities to help learning happen. Moodle is built on the idea that learning takes place best in a collaborative way and so it’s tools provide that kind of approach.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of moodle for Christian organisations is that it is open source. This means that it is free to use. Does anyone know of a Christian site/organisation that is already using moodle? or an alternative system?

So far I like moodle but it does have its limitations.

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m getting along with it and it’s implications for doing ministry online.


Vector Drawing Program

June 30th, 2009

If you are looking for a good vector drawing program but can’t afford the likes of Illustrator etc then take a look at Inkscape ( I’ve not used the program myself and it hasn’t yet reached its full 1.0 version but from what I’ve seen it looks well worth a try.

There are many other programs that will do a similar job but when you are trying to produce websites on a budget open source might offer a good way of getting the job done.