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Web site values

June 8th, 2010

15614272What are the values of your web site? This may seem like a bit of nonsense asking what values a web site has but bear with me a while. A web site is the public face of an organization or an individual. As the public face it should reflect the values of the people/person behind it. There are several reasons (especially for Christians) as to why this might be important.

1. Other content on your site

If you allow others to post content on your web site (maybe adding comments or even contributing articles) do you make sure that they reflect the values of your web site? If you don’t have your values clearly defined how will you know if they do? Do you offer any guidelines to writers as to what content is acceptable? Do you proofread things to make sure people are sticking to the codes?

2. Adverts from third parties

You might have a site that will display adverts from other people, this is becoming particularly important with the popularity of things like syndicated adverts that you can display on your site for some income. Do these adverts always reflect the values of your web site? It is easy to persuade yourself that it doesn’t matter because you are not in control of them but anything that appears on your site says something about the site itself. Have you even considered if it is appropriate to have adverts on your site in the first place?

3. Your own content

It helps a web site user if the content of a web site is always in line with its values. It is hard to trust the content of a site that always seems to changing what it is about and what its values are.

4. You represent Christianity

Do you think about who you are representing with your web site? Like it or not people will judge Jesus and Christianity on the basis of what you web site says. If you proclaim yourself a Christian and then use your blog to attack every one you disagree with you are reflecting badly on Christianity.

Understand your values

There are many good reasons for understanding your own values and these reasons are just the same for a web site. You need to appreciate that your site is viewable by many people and whatever you say on your sight should reflect the values you hold. I’m not suggesting you should stop expressing yourself but simply that understanding your own values and the values of the organisation you represent are important.

Why not take some time to reflect on your values?