Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus is arguably the most influencial teacher and leader that the world has ever known. His teachings were radical when he presented them and still remain so today. His followers (known as Christians) have tried to follow his teachings and pass them on to others, they have not always been successful.

Jesus was born in the middle east (present day Israel) around 2000 years ago. The son of a carpenter he spent just three years of his life as an itinerant preacher. During this time he went from being very popular to being abandoned even by his closest followers. He was then arrested and executed by crucifixion. His followers claimed that three days later they found his tomb empty and Jesus then appeared to them after his death on several occasions.

The followers of Jesus then began to meet and form churches. Many of the early followers were killed for spreading their beliefs about Jesus. After it's initial problems Christianity has become today by far the biggest religion in the world.

The life of Jesus has been described in this way:

"He was born in an obscure village, the child of a peasant woman. He grew up in still another village, where He worked in a carpenter shop until He was 30. Then for three years He was an itinerant preacher. He never wrote a book. He never held an office. He never had a family or owned a house. He didn't go to college. He never traveled more than 200 miles from the place He was born. He did none of the things one usually associates with greatness. He had no credentials but Himself. He was only 33 when public opinion turned against Him. His friends deserted Him. He was turned over to His enemies and went through the mockery of a trial. He was nailed to a cross between two thieves. When He was dying, His executioners gambled for His clothing, the only property He had.. . . on earth. When He was dead, He was laid in a borrowed grave through the pity of a friend. Nineteen centuries have come and gone, and today He is the central figure of the human race, the leader of mankind's progress. All the armies that ever marched, all the navies that ever sailed, all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of man on earth as much as that One Solitary Life. Do You Know Who He Is?"

Dr James Allan Francis in “The Real Jesus and Other Sermons”     © 1926 by the Judson Press of Philadelphia (pp 123-124 titled “Arise Sir Knight!”).